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The Rainbow City Festival showcases Orange as a wonderful, multicultural, and LGBTQI+ inclusive city to the rest of Australia.

Councillor Reg KiddMayor, Orange City Council

The Rainbow City Festival aims to showcase LGBTIQ+ diversity, inclusiveness, and resilience, and has been driven by local LGBTIQ+ people as a celebration for all to experience!

NicRainbow City Festival Committee Member

The Rainbow City Festival will demonstrate that Orange, too, can put its own unique spin on an LGBTIQ+ event: one that seeks to highlight Orange and all it has to offer, as a diverse, interesting, and fun place to enjoy.

LibbyRainbow City Festival Committee Member

This is a festival put on by the community, for the community. I’m proud to see Orange City Council supporting this event, and I encourage businesses and individuals to sponsor the festival, and to support individual events.

Councillor Reg KiddMayor, Orange City Council